What Luxury Cars Take Regular Gas? - An Expert's Guide

When it comes to luxury cars, many people assume that they require premium gasoline. However, this isn't always the case. While some high-performance vehicles may need premium gas to run safely, there are plenty of used Bentleys, BMWs, Infinitis, Land Rovers, and Jaguars that don't require it. Premium gas has a higher octane rating than regular gas.

This classification refers to how difficult it is for the fuel to experience detonation, a phenomenon that causes it to burn in the wrong part of the engine cycle. Detonation can damage important parts of the engine and waste energy. If your car doesn't specifically say that it requires premium gasoline or is designed for regular use, you should go with regular gasoline. General Motors Buicks have many used luxury vehicles that use regular fuel.

It's worth researching which luxury cars use regular gasoline, as premium gas prices can be significantly higher than regular gasoline prices. The information should be indicated on the inside of the fuel fill door and in the car manual. Most luxury car manufacturers require (or recommend) premium gasoline not because they try to be difficult, but because of the requirements of high-performance engines. BMW owners, Audi drivers, and others with luxury car registrations usually opt for premium gasoline at the pump. Ultimately, let your vehicle's owner's manual make the last call when it comes to what kind of gasoline you should put in your luxury car.

With a little research online, you can find out the details and choose the vehicle that's right for you and your wallet.

Shari Venturelli
Shari Venturelli

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