The 10 Cheapest Luxury Cars to Buy

Everyone wants a little luxury, from time to time. In the automotive industry, it can be expensive, but many brands are finding ways to incorporate comfort into more affordable models these days. Even some more expensive true luxury cars are being built to last longer and therefore maintain their value, making them smart and fashionable purchases. Our list of the 10 cheapest luxury cars to buy takes into account purchase price, reliability, resale value, fuel economy and, of course, the best option.

You'll find established brands and surprising newcomers alike, and maybe even your own car (thankfully).Turns out there are a lot of different ways to find luxury on a tight budget. If you have sufficient personal savings, reliable income, and budget discipline, you may have the means to buy a new or used luxury car. The Infiniti Q50 offers more power and standard features for the price than most basic luxury cars. But it's a good option if you want a mid-size luxury car with a low base price and lots of standard features. Here, the performance of a sports car combines with the style of a luxury sedan for a totally attractive ride.

Jaguar's smallest vehicle offers a fun driving attitude, a luxury car look and a simple, exclusive interior. You just don't expect to see the “No Substitute” brand appearing on something as sensible as a list of the cheapest luxury cars. As the old saying goes, “Champagne flavors, lemonade money, these are some of the most affordable luxury cars for ball lovers on a tight budget. The Acura ILX is one of the most popular choices when it comes to finding an affordable luxury car. It incorporates the technology of the legendary NSX supercar, a perennial yet low-profile favorite of serious car enthusiasts.

The 2.4-liter four-cylinder engine has up to 201 horsepower and averages approximately 30 MPG in combined city-highway driving. The A-Class is the smallest and least expensive car in the Mercedes-Benz lineup, so it's no surprise that it has little passenger space and is less luxurious than its more expensive siblings. No mention of luxury cars would be complete without at least one BMW, with the current 5 Series occupying the brand's mid-size sedan segment, offering a wide range of trim levels to suit most budgets. As such, there is a compelling case for investing in a budget car popular with college students rather than a luxury coupe. The ILX is the most affordable entry-level luxury car on the market, but it doesn't skimp on safety features for that price. Conversely, luxury cars that seem to compete well on costs can carry hidden expenses that are not entirely clear until later in the vehicle's useful life. The Lexus RC is one of the most striking luxury compact cars on the market, brimming with high-end style both inside and out.

The ILX will be appreciated by those looking for a simple, reliable car with a luxury brand look and appeal, for a low starting price.

Shari Venturelli
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